The Beach and McIninch Family

This website provides information on the family of John Hiram Beach and Anna Rosalee McIninch, their ancestors and descendants.

In 1964 the decision was made to compile information on this family and the task was begun through the combined efforts of Vera Ruth Beach Williams (a daughter) and Sue Ellen Scott Grippando (a niece).

After several years of much correspondence and telephone calls, the family information was put down on paper in booklet form; 50 copies were printed. All data recorded in the booklet was true and correct at the time of publication in March 1972. Many thanks are given to Joann Woods of Murray, Kentucky, who contributed much to this undertaking.

Now that the electronic age is upon us, we believe it appropriate to document the family history online and hope other family members will enjoy the results of our effort. We would greatly appreciate any additions and/or corrections to this data.

If you have questions about any of the information here, please contact me.